Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

Such as?
There have always been
few enough rights for anyone.

We weren't the first
to be persecuted. That is true.

But we all kept quiet
as long as we weren't hit.

I don't think you should
keep yourself so isolated...

or refuse to come to the phone.
It's very bad for you
to segregate yourself.

For your poor brother
and sister too...

because, naturally,
they imitate you.

Like giving up the Tennis Club.
They're not expelling you.

Nor me from
the Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t you see, good God,
that you’re playing into the hands...

of the very people
who want us to stop being...

I've already been expelled
from the Tennis Club.

Who are those two people?
My mother and father.
Don't stop.
Please don't let us disturb you.

Do go on playing.
Good afternoon!
Still at it?
I haven't played yet!

I'll just watch this time.