Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

Yes, I was.
How did Uncle Federico
happen to go along with you?

Since being forced out
of his railroad post...

he has nothing to do,
the lucky fellow.

And he enjoys driving.
- How are you?
- Fine.

Just a little tired.
Are you sleeping?
Not well.
It's not going to rain!
Are you coming with me?
Let's go.
That crazy Micol!
See there?
That's where we had
our gym lessons.

And the carriage
I rode to school in.

You recognize it?
Good as ever,
but no flowers inside.

Perrotti still puts them in.
He only drives Granny
around the garden in it.

Perrotti works here
despite the new laws?

Isn't it risky if they find out?
- No, it's a secret.
- Sorry.

Papa's a big donor
to government charities.

Where will it end?
Get in.