Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

- Nothing.
- Did you like the surprise?

Did you like it?
He was nice to come right over.
Maybe he guessed.

I was curious, I must say.
There's another surprise.
That one I can guess.
You got your degree.
Good for you!

No cause for praise.
I made it, but without honors.

The German professor,
a brute of a Nazi, had it in for me.

Why, he even conducted his exams
in Nazi uniform!

We have guests.
Happy Passover!
Sit down here by me.
Giorgio, at last!
Why don’t you come more often?

Alberto is so alone.
I'm glad you're here this Passover.
Sir, I was so pleased
to get Alberto's invitation.

I didn't even know
Micol had come back.

Fortunately our Micol
is home again.

It's so sad without her.
Behave, boys!
I can't breathe that way!

Alberto's told us
so much about you.

They're childhood friends.
How's the thesis going?
You haven't used our library lately.

After Passover
I'll be there again.

Will your thesis be ready by June?
I wonder.
You should get it done...
before they issue a decree
that now literature also...

is Aryan.
Such a lovely glass.
What's it for?

My daughter brought it from Venice.
It serves, she claims...