Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

Don't be afraid I have the flu.
ItÂ’s just a cold.
Sit down here.
We must talk.

What are you reading?
Cocteau. Very chic!
But nothing like those great books
of our childhood...

whenever we came down
with the flu!

The Three Musketeers ,
Twenty Years Later...

Warand Peace.
Those were real novels!
Even when it comes to ""chic,""
they were better.

This room is so different
from what I imagined.

How are you?
Listen, Giorgio...
I'm sorry to hurt you.
Terribly sorry.
On the other hand...
let's try not to ruin
our beautiful childhood memories.

Look, I've done my very best.
As soon as I noticed the bad turn
our relationship was taking...

the growth of something false...
of something wrong
and very dangerous--

you have to admit it--
I went away.

If I stayed in Venice so long...
it was on your account.
You must face it.
It's not possible!
But why?
Why isn't it possible?
Stop it!
Please, don't!
Stop it!
Someone may come in!

Behave yourself!.