Le Frisson des vampires

They haven't left us, they
haven't left anything or anyone.

The way you remember them
is touching...

...but the fact is,
we will never see them again and...

We will see them once
their work is finished.

In the library.
What do you mean?
What library?
I really don't know what's going on.
This is the time of day
they usually work.

They will come to see you
when they are finished.

So, they're alive?
But we were told they were dead.
Isle went to their tomb and now...

They could at least meet us.
What about Isabelle?
She thinks they're dead too.

That's what people
in the village are saying.

You shouldn't pay
attention to rumors.

Of course,
it was them I saw last night.

- You saw them last night?
- Don't you remember?

I was asleep.
Listen, you weren't in your room so
I went looking for you in the park.

I saw two men in a chapel.
The two servants were there.
Some sort of ceremony was being
carried out, a human sacrifice.

The two men were covered in blood.