Le Frisson des vampires

...so different now.
And this must be Antoine.
My dear Antoine,
what happened to you?

An unfortunate accident.
Old castles are dangerous.
Full of traps and mysteries,
you have to be very careful.

Very careful.
We were surprised
to hear of your deaths.

Your reappearance
is even more surprising.

We never disappeared.
That's just a story, a joke.
Made up by the locals.
It's unbelievable.
What kind of life do you lead?

These days everything
is unbelievable, my friend.

We lead the life we have to live.
What about you,
did you choose your life?

Yes. In any case,
mine doesn't seem so strange.

Appearances are deceptive.
What do you do?

I am an electronics engineer.
Is it unbelievable to substitute
an electronic brain for a man's?

It's more than unbelievable,
it's dangerous.

Our life is the result of our work.
It is related to our work.
What work?
Very important work.
We researched the historical
origins of our family.