Le Frisson des vampires

...who has been worshipped
since prehistory.

Violently persecuted,
this religion was destroyed.

Although they claimed
to worship the goddess Isis...

...in fact, they had turned
a male god of local origin...

...into a female god
of foreign origin.

So those who opposed Christianity...
...adopted two arguments
against their persecutors.

They'd say, "We can't be blamed
for worshipping the horned god...

...because she is a woman."
Sometimes they'd say, "She is a
woman, so we do not revere an idol."

This woman was the Virgin Mary.
As I said, it was all about derision
because it was verging on blasphemy.

In fact, it was all about
blaspheming the Virgin Mary.

With this notion of reversal,
derision and blasphemy...

...we then take up
this reversal of rites...

...which was later
to give us black masses.

The worship of the dear Isis...
...is at the very heart of
the Western crisis at that time.

It is also at the heart,
the very heart...

...of our research.