Le Gendarme en balade

The storm blew the
roof off the church.

Would you like a drink?
And how's Mr Cruchot?
We've been gone from
Saint-Tropez for six months...

...and he's taciturn and sad.
But I do what I can.
Men are lost
once they retire.

I'm going out of my way
to cheer him up.

I organise everything
behind the scenes...

Let me tell you the story
of Little Red Riding Hood.

For you. He won't listen anyway.
Little Red Riding Hood had a
grandmother who lived in the woods.

Little Red Riding Hood always
wore a red hood...

...and one day she said:
I'm going to see grandma.

I'll bring butter
and a nice waffle.

And she went on the road...
No, first she met the wolf.
And the wolf asked:
Where are you going?