Le Gendarme en balade

Poor fellow.
- He hates me.

But the maid too?
She hates me too.
She always makes my bed.

The Father's here.
He hates me even more.
You look very good.
Sit down.
Ludovic, wait.
The Father says that
the bad weather...

The storm, madam.
Pulled the roof off the church.
And he's asking for a
financial contribution...

...to fix it.
Solidarity among parishioners
doesn't amount to much.

I find that a disgrace.
It sure is.
We must care about the third world...
...but also about the people
in our own region.

We should be active
in the parish...

I can stop if you prefer...
Not at all, madam.
There's also charity...
...the sick...