Love Story

What can you say about
a 25-year-old girl who died?

That she was beautiful and brilliant?
That she loved Mozart and Bach?
The Beatles?
And me?
- Do you have this book?
- You have your own library.

- Answer my question.
- Answer mine first.

We're allowed to use
the Radcliffe library.

I'm not talking legality,
I'm talking ethics.

Harvard's got five million books,
Radcliffe a few thousand.

I only want one. I've got
an hour exam tomorrow, damn it!

Please watch your profanity, preppy.
Why do you think
I went to prep school?

- You look stupid and rich.
- Actually, I'm smart and poor.

No, I'm smart and poor.
- Why are you so smart?
- I won't have coffee with you.