Love Story

- About anybody's God?
- We neither one of us believe.

And we won't be hypocrites.
If that's what you wish.
Just tell me who performs the wedding.

We do.
You mean... to do it yourself?
That's... wonderful.
I know... I...
I mean, that's just... wonderful.
Do it yourself, huh?
I think that's just wonderful.

But, tell me, is it...?
What's the word?

- You mean "legal"?
- Is that it? Is it?

Yes. One of the college chaplains
just sort of...

He presides over it, then the man
and the woman address each other.

You mean the bride speaks, too?
- It's a new world, Philip.
- Oh, yeah. It's new, all right.

- Amen.
- They haven't started yet.

How will I know?
I've never been to a do-it-yourself.

Listen to the words they've chosen
for this sacred occasion.

- Amen.
- Huh?

The priest said "sacred".
- He's not a priest.
- He is to me.