Tora! Tora! Tora!

That's the second warning
in three days.

"Japanese forces may attack
the Philippines...

...Thailand, the Kra Peninsula
and Borneo. "

They don't mention us.
That's correct. I think it should be
considered significant.

Well, gentlemen...
...we have a job to do.
Washington wants us to send
a squadron of fighters to Midway.

And another squadron to Wake.
When can you sail?
Well, the Enterprise can sail
tomorrow morning.

I'll need a day or two. We're just
completing repairs on the Lexington.

Hurry things along, John.
I want you out there to probe.
I want planes up in the air
morning and afternoon.

I want a report on any sign
of hostile ships.

Do you want battleships along?
Hell, no. They're too slow.
If we're gonna probe, let's probe.
We don't want anything holding us up.
You're right, but I'm not ready
to commit them myself.

Not until I know when and where.
Do you plan to keep half the fleet
at sea while the carriers are gone?

No, it's too risky.
I'll have to keep the fleet
here at Pearl while you're away.

Get out. Get back as soon as you can.
I don't like the idea of having my
battleships without air cover.

- Let's get going.
- Yes, sir.

Level with me.
I want a clear directive.
If I run into a Jap ship,
what action do I take?

Use your common sense.
That's the best damn order I ever had.
If I see so much as a sampan there...