Wuthering Heights

What do they want?
He wouldn't say.
Who is it, Nellie?
lt's Heathcliff.

Edgar! He's come back.
lsn't it marvelous? lt's Heathcliff.
-l must see him.
-All right. There's no need to strangle me.

For heaven's sake,
he's only a run-away gypsy, after all.

-l'll tell him to come up, shall l?
-What, here?

l can't sit in the kitchen.
Nellie can set two tables then...
...one for you and lsabella
and one for him and me.

Don't be silly.
Would that please you or would you rather
have me stand at the kitchen door?

Catherine, for heaven's sake.
Nellie, go and fetch him up.
Thank you, Jenny.
Catherine, be glad by all means,
but please do not be absurd...

...especially in front of the servants.
l'll behave.
My wife has asked me
to receive you as a friend.

Would you care for some tea?
That would give me great pleasure.
Won't you sit down, sir?