Zabriskie Point

It's always the same story,
it's been going on for 300 years; if you are so clever,

why didn't you come on our side
right from the beginning?

Now can't do anything else
other than going there

and telling them "we are really sorry"
but the university is closed, on strike,

we'll blow a whistle when it's over
What do you think about
boycotting the recruitment of militaries at the university?

There is only one thing to do: to go in
the recruitment offices,

to take a bottle, to fill it with petrol,
to cork the bottle...

Oh yes,
but what if we want to blow
up sociology instead?

You, listen to me, a molotov is a
mix of petrol and kerosene,

a radical white man is a mix of chat and shit
Listen to me, I'm not here to show you
my revolutionary credentials,

but there are a lot of white students
fighting on the street,

just as you do in the ghetto,
and there are a lot of unsatisfied white
people who are potentially revolutionary

Here we do again the same talk, guys
When they fly you in jail
because of a bit of marjuana,

then you become revolutionary