Zabriskie Point

But why stopping the poeple who want
to go to the lessons? Why...

Because they are against us,
because they prevent us to get what we deserve

we've tried everything: we've begged,
negotiated, written programs,

but we haven't got a damn.
I think, and I'm not the only one,
everybody knows that the main
point of every kind of guerrilla

is that the enemy is invisible, things happen,
and they don't know how and where

People who act to get the attention
on themselves,

do it on purpose just to divert it from others
I don't think, we have reached this point yet:
we've just begun to involve people
If you want to close the university,
what do you want to...

We don't even have the support of white people...
- Hey listen to me!

We need mass demonstrations.
- Just a moment!

The side of the black students
doesn't want to give a show

We just close the univesity and that's it
Speaking of what you say,
I don't agree, you know,

I mean about the help from white people,
I mean, It doesn't matter so much

because if tomorrow our agitation
is successful,

it's going to be that every student,
in or out of the demonstration, black or white,
will be considered an enemy,

and it will be easier to keep the tension
that we, all together, became a public threat
Well then I share your opinion
There is no more coffee.
Can you make some more?

Isn't there any man who can make coffee?
Now let's listen to you. - I suggest that we form
some groups of 4 or 5 of us,

that should stay out of the university
and that, at some given moment,

should move behind the police
Please! - Yes I mean as distracting tactics,
so the others could have time to reach...
- Just a moment!

Are cars good to build barricades?
Cars? - Inside the university?
As tactics to...
- why don't you bring here your own?

It's a sport car, is it ok? Take it here,
then I'll take care of it