Zabriskie Point

if you give it to them already filled up.
"Always ready", don't you have another slogan?
You have to be realist.
Listen up, the day you'll
decide not to resign yourselves,

I'll enter the movement
A lot a people cannot chose,
for many it's a question of survival.

That's what I mean.
- Really. I'm not joking.

I'm sick of this, young people talk about
violence, and the police does it.

Have you seen that idiot today who said
that one should do something...

...only when it's needed?
Well, I need it before.

Anyway, the demostration will be
in front of the rectorship all day.

Well, alright.
Here check 1 to surveillance 1AL51.
It's enough for today.

Surveillance to 1AL51. Break.
What do you want?
A friend of mine was arrested today.
I'd like to know if he's been relased.
One of the students? - Yes.
They are recording them. It takes some time.
Sit down.
Does it take a lot?
- 5 minutes. Or 5 hours.

Empty your pockets.
Name? - George S. Tolli.
Put your hands above.