Zabriskie Point

And who are you?
- There's a friend of mine here,

I came to pay the bail
You are not allowed to stay there, off with you
I thought that when someone
comes to pay the bail...

You thought? Did you think
that the regulation was not for you?

Did you think you're someone special?
Off with you

Hey Martin, do you need something?
Here you are, now you can meet your friend
Hands up
What a day!
Name? - Karl Marx
How do you write it?
So? What do you want?
- We'd need some weapons. Self defense.

So, this is the law: you buy the weapons now
and I verify your criminal record in Sacramento
In 4 or 5 days you can come here to get them
The law is valid in time of peace.
This is an emergency.

We live in a neighbourhood close to...
you understand me...
We have to defend our women

You're right, for God's sake, you're right.