Zabriskie Point

I won't let you go with nothing in your hands
In my opinion, you need at least a caliber 38
Hey boys,
the law accords you the right
to defende your homes:

if you shoot them in the garden,
then drag them indoor

The joy of a beautiful holiday out in the open
The sun of the desert
shining on your swimming-pool

Why breathing the infected air of the city
if you can enjoy your life with "Sunny Dunes Relax"
Playing tennis on the emerald grass,
walking in the open in the middle of the desert
taking your kid hunting on wild walks
You could even
spot the mountain lion

Sun, fresh air, good water in your garden
Become an indipendent man,
a pioneer's life in the West's endless horizon
And for you ladies,
a completely furnitured kitchen,

for the happyness of your husband
and your child

And don't forget the pleasure of a golf game
in the golf court that
Sunny Dunes has prepared for you

Nine holes on a fabulous background
What are you waiting for to leave that
crowded madhouse that's the city?

Move here today, for a new life in
the healthy climate of the desert

Are you getting into aerial acrobatics, Bob?
No, Jane, I'm just flying over the desert
to look for our new home for the holidays
Finding it it's easy, just call 84868
Can you repeat the number, Bob?
Of course: Sunny Dunes Land Development Company,
Box 82, Los Angeles, California

News from inland:
today the works for the new highway

that connects the hills to the city
of Los Angeles have finished

50.000 citizens had to move
because of the works,

and the houses on the route had been
knocked down.