Zabriskie Point

and eroded by wind and water.
They contain borates and gypsum»

Borates and gypsum?
Two old gold diggers that got lost
How do these plants live here?
They're so beautiful

What else do you do, other than flying?
Until yesterday I've been driving a
wrecker for a cloth storehouse

But I've been doing also other things
The university? - A bit.
Why did you leave it? Graduated?
Activities out of program. - What do you mean?
Stealing binded books
instead of poket editions,

making phone calls from the rector's line,
whistling in the classroom,
bringing in forbidden stuff,
like dogs, bikes or women.

What is wrong on that?
We did it in the open.
Once I went to the office
and I reversed the calculators,

and so...
They kicked me out.
You know why? Because I've sent
engineers to art classes

Uhm, she's coming down too
Tell me the rest of your braveries
Once I painted myself black,
but it didn't work,

so I turned to be as I was before
Did you hear that Mexicans
are bombarding marjuana fields on the border?

I'd like to know what else is happening
Nothing about the demonstration?
No, I prefer to listen to some music
Now they speak about it only if there are
at least 200 or 300 wounded