Zabriskie Point

What a bore!
Let's look for some shade
What does it mean "bound to reality"?
Oh yes, they're not able to imagine anything
Sorry, but, you know, you could have left them
I wasn't really in a group,
you know, all that chatting makes me sick
but at a certain point you have
to decide for one side or the other

There are lots of sides,
not only the good and the bad

Stop it
What's your name? - Daria.
The point is that if you don't
recognize them as the bad ones,

you can't get rid of them
Do you think that if we get rid of them,
the world is going to be different?

Why not? Can you think
of something better for us to do?

Us who? Your group?
You and me
You and me?
It's nice here,
It's quiet
It's dead
Ok, It's dead
So let's play a game
You'll start from a side of the valley,
I'll start from the other side
And we'll see, who kills the most
We'll begin with snakes and lizards,
and then go on with wild rabbits

At the end we'll count how many we've killed,