And Now for Something Completely Different

- But...
- Your wife a sport, eh?

- She likes sport, yes.
- l bet she does.

She's very fond of cricket.
Who isn't, eh?
Likes games.

Knew she would.
Who doesn't. eh?

She's been around a bit. eh?
She's traveled.
She's from Purley.

Oh! Say no more.
Know what l mean?
Say no more.

Your wife interested in,
uh, photography, eh?

"Photographs, eh?"
he asked him knowingly.

- Photography?
- Yeah . Snap. Grin. Wink. Nudge.

- Holiday stamps?
- Could be taken on holiday. CouId be.

Swimming costumes.
Nudge, nudge.

- Candid photography.
- No. l'm afraid we don't have a camera.

Oh. Still.
Look, are you trying
to insinuate something?

- Yes.
- Well?

Well, l mean,
you're a man of the world, aren't ya?

l mean, you know, you've, uh...
you've been around. You've been there.

- What do you mean?
- Well, you know, you've...

You've done it, uh, with a lady.
- You've slept with a lady.
- Yes.

What's it like?
Well, l think it's overrated.
Shut up, you !
- Good evening, class!
- Good evening.

- Where's all the others, then?
- They're not here.

l can see that!
What's the matter with 'em?

- Don't know.
- Perhaps they've got flu.

Flu! They should eat
more fresh fruit!

Right! Now, self-defense!
Tonight I shaIl be carryin' on
from where we got to last week...

when l was showin' you how to
defend yourselves against anyone...