Big Jake

Hey, how about
let's get out of here?

After we finish this dance.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, man!
They ought to have
one of these

in every barbershop
in the world.

Mas tante, maestro.
Be through in a
minute, mister.

Take your time, mister.
Man, I smell as sweet
as lilies
of the valley right now.

I'm in no hurry, friend.
You just take your time.
Venga aqui.
Si, señor.
There's a cantina
at the far edge of town
named Sanchez's.

You know it?
Si, señor.
You go there and buy me
a bottle of tequila.
Pero la cantina
esta aqui cerca.

Nowhere else, mind you.
Now, they have a brand
special for me.

Now, that's what I want.
Go fetch it.
Si, señor.
guess I'm finished.
You stay right where you are.
Unless you want
to hurry things.

Take your choice.
No hurry.
No hurry at all.
But I could use
those clothes over there.

I'm getting a little cold.
You don't shut up
and stay where you are,

you'll be a lot colder.
Protect yourself with this.