Carnal Knowledge

- It's so phony.
- Everybody puts on an act.

- You don't know who you meet.
- Because you're meeting the act.

- I'm not sure I agree.
- I don't either.

- You don't agree with yourself?
- How do you feel about it?

People like to think they put on
an act, but it's really them.

- They think they can change it.
- They're kidding themselves?

- It is an act, but the act is them.
- Then how can it be an act?

- Because they're an act.
- They're also real. So I'm not real?

- I'm an act?
- It's all right, so am I.

Don't you behave differently
with different people?

- With your family?
- I thought you meant people.

- Sure, with my family...
- And with friends, another way.

And with your teachers, still
another way. So which one is you?

- You ought to be a lawyer.
- I'm gonna be a lawyer.

A lady lawyer.
You're from Smith, right?
- Do you like it?
- Yeah. Do you like Amherst?

Sure. My parents worked very hard
to send me.

I'd better like it.
Do you have a name?

- Susan.
- I'm Sandy.

I think you can make out with her.
She's stuff.