Carnal Knowledge

- Jesus...
- Do you want her?

- I wouldn't kick her out of bed.
- Look at the pair on her.

- That schmuck's trying to keep up.
- They're always with those guys.

- He must be 60.
- He might have a heart attack.

You could save his life.
Get her number and fuck her.

You bastard...
- How's Susan?
- Couldn't be better.

I always said it:
You found yourself ajewel.

- Not bad, that one.
- You get more than your share.

- I'd marry if I found the right girl.
- Bullshit. You and your actresses...

You got the deal, Doctor.
What can I say?

"Take your clothes off,
I wanna check your capital gains."

- I just look.
- Sure you do.

Susan is plenty enough woman
for one man. Look at that.

- That's Sally Joyce.
- I saw her on TV.

I fucked her once.
We used to do her taxes.

- She's with another firm now.
- Why not say hello?

She wouldn't remember me.
She's a real ball-buster.

I've been through the mill
with her kind.