Carnal Knowledge

With all our kidding, I don't mind
telling you I had tears in my eyes.

She's really the one in the airline
commercial? You lucky son of a bitch.

I don't want to get in over my head.
I did that already.

And you have to be a real bastard.
I don't like being put
in that position.

- What would you do?
- If she looks like she does on TV...

- Size 38, with a D cup.
- Looks aren't everything.

Believe me, looks are everything.
- I'm hungry.
- I'll get up.

- Why do we always eat so late?
- Because I work late.

- Why do you work at all?
- Brings in extra money.

- I make enough.
- You want me to quit?

I thought you were bored with it.
So quit.

- What would I do?
- What do other women do?

Have children.
Well, you asked me.