Columbo: Dead Weight

'Earlier this evening, General Hollister
was honoured by his alma mater,'

'the Marine Military Institute.'
'At the banquet tonight,
MMI dedicated the Hollister Exhibit'

'in their Memorial Hall,'
'the General thereby
joining other select alumni'

'who have distinguished themselves
in the defence of their country.'

'General Hollister
was given a standing ovation.'

'If any man in recent memory
may be said to have had charisma,'

'certainly, that man was
General Martin J Hollister.'

'Early on in the Korean War,
as a colonel commanding armoured cavalry,'

'Hollister captured the imagination
of the American people.'

'His courage, his brilliance
in improvising in the heat of battle,'

'his colourful garb of riding britches,
boots and pearl-handled Colt.45'

'soon earned him the nickname
The Iron Horseman.'

'Later, as a brigadier general
with his own division,'

'he distinguished himself
by a daring end run in which,'

'out of ammunition, using only his
famous pistol and a monumental bluff,'

'he succeeded in capturing the opposing
enemy commander and his headquarters.'

'Finally, a land mine accomplished
what nothing else could -'

'put General Hollister out of action
with severe wounds,'

'wounds that necessitated
his untimely retirement from active duty'

'as one of the youngest major generals
in this nation's military history.'

'On the foreign scene,
the Secretary of State again reiterated'

'the United States' determination
to keep troop levels in Europe stable.'

'In reply to sharp Senate...'
You still think he could
shoot someone for no reason?

He's practically on Mount Rushmore.
You didn't even recognise him.
I was in a state of shock. I didn't
expect him to show up on our doorstep.