Columbo: Dead Weight

Ahoy, Lieutenant. You're an early bird.
- Oh, yes, sir.
- Be right with you.

Yeah. I'm just combining
a little business with pleasure.

- At this hour?
- Well, George...

My brother-in-law George?
You don't know him.

But he's a fantastic fisherman,
and he told me that the best time
to catch anything is around now.

He says get there before everybody
and you catch the fish off guard.

Mm-hm. Doesn't look like it worked.
Not yet. But I'm gonna keep trying.
Mm-hm. I don't think you'll catch
anything big around here, Lieutenant.

- You're too close in.
- Oh?

Yeah, you know, you're probably right.
General, there's somethin'
I don't understand.

All the other fishing boats, they were goin'
out, and your boat is just comin' in.

- Why is that?
- I've won a lot of battles, Lieutenant,

and I've caught a lot of fish
by doing the unconventional thing.

Do you know that I have always envied
somebody with that talent?

- Mm-hm?
- I don't think you can learn that.

I think you're born with that.
You know, inventors
and military strategists?

Now, I wish I had that.
That'd be a terrific thing in my work.

- Do you know what I mean?
- Yes, I'm sure it would.

Talking about work, there's a couple
of loose ends I'd like to tie up.

Nothing important, you understand,
but I would like to get 'em tied up.

- Fire away.
- I was watchin' the news last night.

Those film clips of you in action?
Great stuff! Really.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, it was just thrilling.

But I happened to notice that you were
carrying a pearl-handled pistol.

- Splendid weapon. A single-action Colt.45.
- Yeah, I remembered that.

That was kinda
like your trademark, wasn't it?

Well, the thing is this, that...
when I asked you if you owned any guns,
you showed me your souvenirs
and your target pistol,