Columbo: Death Lends a Hand

(Drowned by traffic)
- What's the trouble, Officer?
- Licence and registration, please.

- Turn signal, right?
- The right one.

You know, it's the second time
I got stopped today.

I'll get those things fixed as soon as I can.
- You'll get 'em fixed now.
- I would, but I'm going to a 187 PC.

- Say, are you a cop?
- Yeah, uh, Lieutenant... Columbo.

Well, I'm sorry I flagged you down.
You're just doing your job.
I'll get those things fixed.

- This licence expires next week.
- Oh. Oh, well, thanks.

I'll give you an escort.
That way you'll get where you wanna go.

OK. Appreciate that. But listen, not too fast.
(Police radio)
I don't think she was killed here.
Looks like the body was moved.