Columbo: Murder by the Book

I'm glad you like them.
You're making me nervous.
- That's quite a stare.
- I'm sorry. I can't help it.

I've never seen you outside
that store before. You're very lovely.

- May I call you Lilly?
- Yes, please do.

- How did you enjoy the play tonight?
- I thought it was predictable. You?

- I like your books much more.
- That's very flattering.

But you said something before about
your story or something about a witness.

Oh, yes. Well, actually,
it's a true-to-life story.

The best kind.
- It concerns your partner.
- Jim? What about him?

Well, I read in the papers about his death
and I felt just terrible.

Thank you.
I felt just terrible,
because they said he was killed in his office.

- So they did.
- Well...

In my story, you see, he couldn't have
actually been killed in an office,

because he was somewhere else.
Just for a moment, let's forget about
your story and let's talk about real life.

- It is simpler, isn't it?
- Much.

I'll tell you honestly, Ken.
I was very confused when I saw the papers,
because when you were in my store
making a phone call the other day,

I wandered over to the side window
to see if you had brought a lady with you.

You didn't believe me
when I said I was alone.

I believed you. It's just that...
I'm very interested in you, Ken.