Diamonds Are Forever

Very... moving.
Heart-warming, Mr Wint.
A glowing tribute, Mr Kidd.
You dirty, double-crossin' limey fink!
Those goddamn diamonds are phonies!

No, don't tell me. You're St Peter?
Paste! Glass!
Where's the real stuff, Franks?

Where's the real money? You wouldn't
burn 50,000 real dollars, would you?

One last break.
Where are the real diamonds?

You get me the real money
and I'll bring you the real diamonds.
Where do you think you're goin'?
I hear that the Hotel Tropicana
is quite comfortable.

My condolences, gentlemen.
Hello, Felix.
Very comfortable.
But there's one problem.

I want the real merchandise -
rather quickly.

Q hasjust arrived with it.
We'll be up with them in the morning.

So I'd sit tight ifl were you.
There's no sense in looking for trouble.

Just enjoy yourself, James.
I'm sure you know how.

Quite. I'll probably take in a show.