Diamonds Are Forever

Thank you.
Fill it up, please.
It's Bert Saxby.
Willard Whyte's right-hand man.
Do you see the top? The penthouse?
They say Willard Whyte hasn't
set foot out of there in three years.

And no one has seen him - no one.
- How much is that?
- Did you pay for this?

Cut him off.
Hey, Curly! What about my stamps?
Where are you going?
Are you mad? Let me by!

Stamps? You ain't got no gas yet!
- OK, so shove a coupla gallons in!
- Well, back it up.

Keep leaning on that tooter, Charlie,
and you'll get a shot in the mouth!

Come on, lady, move it!
OK, lady, you win, you win.
- Will someone move that car?!
- Do what he says!

Hey! I wanted high-test!
Forget it, Curly!
You had your chance and you blew it!