Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Well, why doesn't she take it?
Because l loathe bananas!
- l don't believe it.
- Yes.

Arthur, l think Dr Branton needs some air.
- Zira, are you mad?
- Dr Milo, please do not call my wife mad!

l did not call her mad, l merely asked her
if she was. And l repeat: are you mad?

l hate deceit!
Well, there is a time for truth
and a time, not for lies, but for silence.

Until we know who our friends are...
How in the name of God are we
to know that unless we communicate?

- We can speak, so l spoke.
- And we can listen.

- To a lot of psychiatric small talk.
- And we can watch!

- A display of primitive apparatus.
- lt couldn't test the intelligence of a newt!

- Calm yourself.
- l am calm!

- Zira!
- Stop arguing!

lt's too late for that.
Use your heads and start thinking.

Now that they know we can speak,
how much will we tell them?