Escape from the Planet of the Apes

- Humans?
- l'm a psychiatrist.

Oh, l'm a psychiatrist, too.
Do you... have a name?
My name is Cornelius. This is my wife, Zira.
And l'm Lewis. Lewis Dixon.
Nobody's gonna believe this.
- Believe what?
- That primitive apes can talk.

- Primitive?
- Well, l mean that in our...

primitive civilization, apes just don't talk.
l mean, l think it's important that when
our primitive security precautions are lifted,

that the first time you say anything in public,
you should talk to what we
primitively call the right people.

May l say something... personal?
l like you.
l have from the beginning.
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- Mr President.

l'm aware that what l have to say may
create a credibility gap
wider than the Grand Canyon.

Nonetheless, it is true.
Yesterday, a US spacecraft splashed
down offthe southern California coast.

lt was one oftwo that have been
missing in space for over two years.

To be exact, the one
commanded by Colonel Taylor.

- Have they identified the bodies?
- They have identified three bodies, yes.

All living...
- Taylor's alive? the time oftheir rescue.