Fiddler on the Roof

The last was so old,
and he was bald. He had no hair.

A girl without a dowry
can't be so particular.

You want hair, marry a monkey.
Even a poor girl has to look
at her husband sometime.

A husband's to get, not to look at.
I'm not yet 20...
Do you have to boast
about your age?

Do you want to tempt the evil eye?
Out, all of you.

There's work to be done
before the Sabbath. Hurry!

Golde, I have such news for you.
Not every day in the week news.
Once in a lifetime news.
Such diamonds, such jewels.
I'll find a husband
for every one of them...

but you shouldn't be
so picky, right?

Of course right,
because after all...

even the worst
husband, God forbid...

is better than no husband,
God forbid.

Who should know better than me?
Since my husband died...

I've been a poor widow,
all alone, no one to talk to.

All I do at night
is think of him.

Even that gives me no pleasure.
- Is Tzeitel in the house?
- Go in and find out.

Thank you, Bielke.
- He never raised his voice.
- Good afternoon.

Is Tzeitel here?
She's busy. Come back later.
- I'd like to tell her something.
- Later.

Later. Oh, all right.
What does that skinny tailor
want with Tzeitel?

They've been friends since they
were babies. They talk, they play.

Play? What do they play?
I don't know. They're children.