King Lear

Ay, my good lord.
So young
and so untender?

So young, my lord,
and true.
Let it be so!
Thy truth, then, be thy dower!
For, by the secret radiance
of the sun,

the mysteries of Hecat
and the night;

by all the operation
of the orbs from whom
you exist and cease to be;

here I disclaim
all my paternal care,

and as a stranger
to my heart and me,
hold thee from this for ever!

Royal Lear...
Come not between
the dragon and his wrath.

Cornwall and Albany,
with my two daughters' dowers,
digest the third.

I do invest you jointly
with my power,

and all the large effects
that troop with majesty.

by monthly course,

with reservation
of an hundred knights,

by you to be sustained,
shall our abode
make with you by due turn.

Only we shall
retain the name,

and all the addition
to a king:

The sway, revenue,
execution of the rest,

beloved sons, be yours.
Lear is mad!
What would'st
thou do, old man?

Thy youngest daughter
does not love thee least.

The bow is
bent and drawn;

make from the shaft.
Let it fall.
Kent, on thy life,
no more.