King Lear

My life I never held
but as a pawn
to wage against
thine enemies.

Out of my sight!
See better, Lear.
Now, by Apollo...
Now, by Apollo,
King, I'll tell thee
thou dost evil.

Take thy reward.
Turn thy hated back
upon our kingdom;

if thy banish'd trunk
be found
in our dominion,

the moment
is thy death.

Better thou
hadst not been born,

than not to have
pleas'd me better.

Be it lawful,
I take up
what's cast away.

Thee and thy virtues
here I seize upon.

Thy dow'rless daughter,
King, is Queen of France.

Thou hast her, France;
let her be thine;

for we have
no such daughter,

nor shall ever see
that face of hers again.

I think our father
will away tonight.

That's most certain,
and with you;

next month with us.
You see how full
of changes his age is;

he always lov'd
our sister most;

and with what poor
judgement he hath
now cast her off.