King Lear

He answered me he would not.
Would not!

Your Highness
is not entertained

with the same ceremonious
affection as you were wont.

Go you and tell
my daughter
I'd speak with her.

And go you
call hither my fool.

O you,
you, sir.
Come you hither, sir.
Who am I, sir?
My lady's father.
"My lady's father"!

You whoreson dog!
You slave!
You cur!
I'll not be struck,
my lord.

Nor tripp'd neither,
you base football player.

I'll teach thee
a speech.

This is nothing, fool.
Can you make no use
of nothing, nuncle?

Why, no, boy;
Nothing can be

made out of nothing.
Give me an egg,
and I'll give thee
two crowns.

What two crowns
shall they be?

Why, after I've cut
the egg in the middle

and eat up
the meat,

the two crowns
of the egg.