King Lear

Thou'lt catch cold shortly.
Yes, forsooth,
I will hold my tongue;
so your face bids me,

so I'll say nothing.
How now, daughter!
You are too much
of late i' th' frown.

Not only, sir,
this your all-licens'd fool,

but other of your insolent retinue
do hourly carp and quarrel,

breaking forth in rank
and not-to-be-endur'd riots.

I had thought, by making
this well known unto you,
to have found a safe redress;

but now grow fearful
by what yourself
too late have spoke and done,

that you protect this course
and put it on
by your allowance;

which if you should,
the fault would not
'scape censure,

nor the redresses sleep.
For you know, nuncle,
the hedge-sparrow
fed the cuckoo so long,

it had its head bit off
by its young.

So, out went the candle
and we were left darkling.

Are you our daughter?
I would you would
make use of your
good wisdom,

whereof I know you
are fraught, and put away
these dispositions

which of late transport you
from what you rightly are.

May not an ass know
when the cart draws the horse?
Whoop, Jug! I love thee.

Does any here know me?
This is not Lear.
Does Lear walk thus,
speak thus?
Where are his eyes?
Ha, waking?
'Tis not so.
Who is it who can
tell me who I am?

Lear's shadow.
I would learn that.
Your name,
fair gentlewoman?
This admiration,
sir, is much of the savour
of other your new pranks.

I do beseech you,
my purposes a'right,

as you are old
and reverend
should be wise.