King Lear

If this letter thrive,
Edmund the bastard
shall top the legitimate.

Legitimate Edgar,
I must have your land.
Now, gods,
stand up for bastards!
I swore he could by no means.
By no means what?
Persuade me
to the murder
of your lordship.

I told him the revenging
gods 'gainst parricides
did all the thunder bend;

spoke with how strong a bond
the child was bound to th' father.

My son Edgar.
I threaten'd
to discover him.

He replied,
"Who would
put any trust
or faith in thee,

"thou unpossessing

He cannot be
such a monster,

to his father
that so tenderly
and entirely loves him.

I dare pawn down
my life for him.

He's done this
to feel my affection
to your honour,

and no other
pretence of danger.

Think you so?
Has he never before
sounded you
in this matter?

I have heard him
maintain it to be fit

that sons at perfect age
and fathers in decline,

the father should be
put in care of the son,