King Lear

His countenance
likes me not.

No more, perchance,
does mine, nor his,
nor hers.

I have seen better faces
in my time.

This is some fellow
who, having been
prais'd for bluntness,

doth affect
a saucy roughness.

He cannot flatter, he,
an honest mind and plain.
He must speak truth.

I know, sir,
I am no flatterer.

I serve the King.
Fetch forth the stocks.
As I have life and honour,
there shall he sit till noon.

Till noon!
Till night,
my lord;

and all night too.
Madam, if I were
your father's dog,
you should not use me so.

Sir, being his knave, I will.
Let me beseech
your Grace
not to do so.

The King must
take it ill.

I'll answer that.
My sister may receive it
much more worse to have
her gentleman abus'd,

assaulted for
following her affairs.

Put in his legs.
I am sorry for thee, friend.
'Twill be ill taken.
I'll entreat for thee.
Pray, do not, sir.
I've travell'd hard;
some time I will sleep out,
the rest I'll whistle.

Fortune, good night.