King Lear


No, I say.
I say, yea.

No, no, they would not.
Yes, yes, they have.

They durst not do't.
Winter's not gone yet
till the wild geese
fly that way.

O, how this
mother swells up
toward my heart!

Hysterica passio,
thou climbing sorrow,
thy element's below.
Where is this daughter?
With the earl, sir. Within.

Follow me not. Stay here.
How chance the King
comes with so small
a number?

An thou hadst been
set i' th' stocks
for that question,

thou hadst
well deserved it.

We'll set thee
to school to an ant,

to teach thee
there's no labouring
i' th' winter.

All that follow their nose
are led by their eyes
but blind men;

and there's not one nose
among twenty but can
smell him that's stinking.

Let go thy hold
when a great wheel
runs down the hill,

lest it break thy neck
with following;

but the great one
that goes upward,

let him draw thee after.
When a wise man
gives thee better counsel,
give me mine again.

I would have none
but knaves follow it,
since a fool gives it.

That, sir,
# Which serves and seeks for gain #
# And follows but for form #
# Will pack when it begins to rain #