King Lear

Thy tender-hearted nature
shall not give thee
o'er to harshness.

Her eyes are fierce,
but thine do comfort,

not burn.
'Tis not in thee
to grudge my pleasures,

to cut off my train,
to bandy hasty words,
to oppose the bolt
against my coming in.

Thy half of the kingdom
thou hast not forgot
wherein I thee endow'd.

O heavens,
if you do love old men,
if your sweet sway
allow obedience,

if you yourselves are old,
make it your cause:
Send down and take my part.
Art not asham'd to look
upon this beard?

O Regan, will you take her
by the hand?

And why not by the hand, sir?
How have I offended?

All's not offence
that indiscretion finds,
and dotage terms so.

O sides,
you are too tough!
Will you yet hold?

How came my man
i' th' stocks?

I set him there, sir.
You, did you?

I pray you, Father,
being weak, seem so.