King Lear

If till the expiration
of your month,

you will return and sojourn
with my sister,

dismissing half your train,
come then to me.

I am now from home
and out of that provision

which shall be needful
for your entertainment.

Return to her,
and fifty men dismiss'd?

No, rather I abjure all roofs,
and choose to wage
against the enmity
o' th' air,

to be a comrade
with the wolf and owl.

Necessity's sharp pinch!
At your choice, sir.
I prithee, daughter,
do not make me mad.

I will not trouble thee,
my child.

We'll no more meet,
no more see
one another.

But yet thou
art my flesh,

my blood,
my daughter;

or rather a disease
that's in my flesh

which I must
needs call mine;

thou art a boil,
a plague-sore,

or embossed carbuncle
in my corrupted blood.

But I'll not chide thee.
Let shame come
when it will;

I do not call it.
I do not bid
the thunder-bearer shoot,

nor tell tales of thee
to high-judging Jove.

Mend when
thou canst;

be better
at thy leisure;

I can be patient;
I can stay with Regan,
I and my hundred knights.

Why might not you, my lord,
receive attendance from those
that she calls servants,

or from mine?
Why not, my lord?
If then they chanc'd
to slack you,
we could control them.

If you will come to me,