King Lear

I will have revenge
ere I depart his house.

O heavens!
That this treason
were not my father's,

and I not
the detector of it.

Thou shalt find
a dearer father
in my love.

This loyalty
hath made thee
Earl of Gloucester.

You have mighty
business in hand.

Seek out where thy father is,
that he may be ready
for our apprehension.

# Come o'er the bourn,
Bessy, to me #

# Her boat hath a leak,
And she must not speak #

# Why dare she not come
Over to thee ##

The foul fiend
haunts poor Tom
in the voice of a nightingale.

Hoppedance cries
in Tom's belly
for two white herring.

Croak not, black ángel;
I have no food for thee.

How do you, sir?
Stand you not
so amaz'd.

Will you lie down
and rest?

I'll see their trial first.
Bring in the evidence.
Thou robed man
of justice,
take thy place.

Thou, his yoke-fellow
of equity,
bench by his side.

You are o' th' commission,
sit you too.

Let us deal justly.
Sleepest or
wakest thou,
jolly shepherd?

Thy sheep be in the corn;
and for one blast
of thy minikin mouth

thy sheep shall
take no harm.

Purr! The cat is grey.
Arraign her first;
'tis Goneril.

I here take my oath before
this honourable assembly,
she kick'd the poor King, her father.

Come hither, mistress.
Is your name Goneril?

She cannot deny it.
Cry you mercy,
I took you for a joint-stool.

And here's another whose
warp'd looks proclaim

what stone her heart
is made on. Stop!