King Lear

Now, good my lord,
lie here and rest awhile.

You, sir, I entertain to be
one of my hundred;

only I don't like the fashion
of your garments.

You may say they are Persian,
but let them be chang'd.
nature sleeps.

Drive toward Dover, friend.
I have o'erheard
a plot of death
upon him.

From France
there comes a power
landed at our best ports.

Thou shalt receive
both welcome
and protection.

Good my friends;
do me no
foul play, friends.

The army of France
is landed. Post speedily
to my lord your husband.

Advise him to
a most sudden preparation.
We are bound to do the like.

Edmund, keep you
our sister company.

How now? Where's
the traitor Gloucester?

Bound fast
and pinioned like a thief.

Hang him instantly.
Pluck out his eyes.