King Lear

Make no noise,
make no noise;

draw the curtains.
So, so.

We'll go to supper
i' th' morning.

And I'll go to bed at noon.
There is a cliff looks
fearfully on the deep:

Bring me to
the very brim of it.

From that place
I shall no leading need.

Come on, sir.
When shall I get to the top
of that same hill?

You do climb up it now;
look how we labour.

Methinks the
ground is even.

Horrible steep.
Come on, sir;
here's the place.
Stand still.
How fearful and dizzy 'tis
to cast one's eyes so low!

The crows and
choughs that wing
the midway air

show scarce
so gross as beetles.

The fishermen that
walk upon the beach
appear like mice;

and yond tall
anchoring bark,