King Lear

Give the word.
Sweet marjoram.
Ha! Goneril
with a white beard!

They flatter'd me
like a dog.

They told me
I had the white hairs
in my beard

ere the black ones
were there.

To say "ay" and "no"
to everything that I said!

"Ay" and "no" too
was no good divinity.

When the rain came
to wet me once

and the wind
to make me chatter;

when the thunder
would not peace
at my bidding;

there I found 'em,
there I smelt 'em out.

Go to, they are not
men of their word.

They told me
I was everything.

It's a lie.
I am not ague-proof.
The trick of that voice
I do well remember.
Is't not the King?

Ay, every inch a king.
When I do stare,
see how the subject quakes.

I pardon that man's life.
What was thy cause?

Thou shall not die.
Die for adultery? No.
The wren goes to 't,
and the small gilded fly
does lecher in my sight.

Let copulation thrive!
Gloucester's bastard son
was kinder to his father

than my daughters got
betwixt the lawful sheets.

To 't, luxury, pell-mell,
for I lack soldiers.

Give me an ounce of civet,
good apothecary.