King Lear

Sweeten my imagination.
There's money for thee.
O, let me kiss that hand!
Let me wipe it first;
it smells of mortality.
O ruin'd piece of nature!
This great worid
shall so wear out
to nought.

Dost thou know me?
I remember thine eyes
well enough.

Dost thou squiny at me?
No, do thy worst,
blind Cupid.
I'll not love.

Read thou
this challenge;

mark but
the penning of it.

Were all thy letters suns,
I could not see.

What, with
a case of eyes?

O, ho, are you
there with me?

No eyes in your head
nor no money
in your purse?

Your eyes are
in a heavy case,
your purse in a light;

yet you see
how this worid goes.

I see it feelingly.
What, art mad?
A man may see
how the worid goes
with no eyes.

Look with thine ears.
Behold yond justice rail
on yond simple thief.
Hark in thine ear:

Change places
and, handy-dandy,

which is the justice,
which is the thief? Ey?

Thou hast seen
the farmer's dog
bark at a beggar?

Ay, sir.
Yea, and the creature
run from the cur?

There thou mightst
behold the great
image of authority: