King Lear

that mine own tears
do scald like molten lead.

do you know me?
You are a spirit,
I know.

When did you die?
Still far wide.
He's scarce awake;
let him alone awhile.

Where have I been?
Where am I?
In your own kingdom, sir.
Pray, do not mock me;
I am a very foolish
fond old man,

fourscore and upward,
not an hour more nor less.
And, to deal plainly,
I fear that I'm not
in my perfect mind.

Methinks I should know you,
and know this man,
but I am doubtful;
for I am mainly ignorant
what place this is.

All the skill I have remembers not
these garments,

nor do I know
where I did lodge last night.

Do not laugh at me;
for as I am a man,
I think this lady
to be my child Cordelia.
And so I am.
I am.