King Lear

Take them away!
We'll see 'em starv'd first.

Come hither, Captain.
Hark. Take thou this note;
go follow them to prison.
Know thou this:
Men are as the time is;
to be tender-hearted
does not become a sword.

Sir, you have showed to-day
your valiant strain,

and fortune led you well.
You have the captives;
I do require them of you.

The question of
Cordelia and her father
requires a fitter place.

Sir, by your patience,
I hold you
but a subject in this war,

not as a brother.
That's as we list to grace him.
Methinks our pleasure
might have been demanded
ere you had spoke so far.

He led our powers.
In his own grace
he doth exalt himself,
more than in your addition.

In my rights,
by me invested,
he compeers the best.

That were the most,
if he should husband you.

Jesters do oft
prove prophets.